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Quality work done on time

Windturbs – the quality-conscious choice

Windturbs is a modern, innovative and professional company specialised in wind turbine service and repair. We have many years of experience – both in the service and operation of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

We advise about investment, installation, operation, upgrades, component replacements and installation and dismantling of wind turbines.
Windturbs delivers quality work on time and can handle most types of wind turbines on the market, for example, Northtank, Micon, NEG-Micon, Windworld, Nordex, Bonus-Siemens and Vestas.

Windturbs only supplies and uses high quality and well known quality spare parts and consumer goods.

Windturbs provides technical advice and consultancy services in connection with financing, purchase and sale, production optimisation and upgrading solutions that help to ensure that our customers’ investments in wind energy yield a positive return.

Benefits of choosing us as your service agreement

Optimum up-time
Operating across the country
Fast response = minimal loss
Secures your investment

We arrange for your wind turbine and guide you all the way

It’s easy to get going with Windturbs.

Call us

We send a sample agreement with conditions and prices

We call you and dicuss the details

We visit you to fine-tune the agreement

ISO Certification

Windturbs is ISO 9001 Certified

We are ISO 9001 approved in the installation and dismantling of wind turbines.

We service Offshore

Windturbs is equipped and approved for offshore wind turbine service.

Windturbs supplies and hires out qualified personnel for service and upgrade assignments.

We service Onshore

Windturbs offers to perform installation, service, upgrades, optimisation and repair of most makes of wind turbines on the market, for example, Northtank, Micon, NEG-Micon, Windworld, Nordex, Bonus-Siemens and Vestas.

Windturbs best in test

»Windturbs has the best price in relation to performance, which is a good measure of the company’s ability to meet the turbine owners’ expectations of the company.” The Danish Wind Turbine Owners’ Association has just published the CONSUMER SURVEY 2017 report, which...

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Gazelle Accelerator Conference

In 2016, we were named GAZELLE by BØRSEN. On 18 May this year, the Danish business newspaper BØRSEN held this year’s Gazelle Accelerator Conference, where we were selected to be part of the day’s programme as a case company. We are proud to represent Lolland-Falster...

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Extra vehicles in Jutland

To live up to our own expectations for efficiency and rapid response to service calls, we now have another service vehicle in Jutland. It is manned by 2 new employees, Brian and Sonni. Besides having extensive experience with Vestas/NEG-Micon and Siemens, they have...

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Invitation to our 5-year birthday party

It’s been 5 terrific years since we started Windturbs. We have grown to 15 employees. Twice we have been voted Denmark’s best provider of wind turbine service. And we have just opened a branch in Jutland to maintain the good service across the country. It all has to...

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