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Investment & Consultancy

Technical, operational and investment consultancy

Investment & consultancy for wind turbines

Windturbs can provide you with technical and operational consultancy throughout the process – from start-up, installation, operation, service and eventually dismantling the wind turbine.

We can also offer you advice in connection with investing and financing, production optimisation and upgrading solutions of wind turbines – all to ensure that you get the most efficient operation of the wind turbine and thus the highest return.

If you are interested in advice about the operation of and investment in wind turbines or need more information, please feel free to contact Windturbs on Tel. (+45) 8651 8182 or write to info@windturbs.com

Optimal operation = optimal return

The better your wind turbine runs, the better your investment return. Therefore, it is important to have the right advice throughout the turbine’s operational lifetime.

This includes advice about ongoing service and operation, but also in relation to upgrades and replacements of major components, which can extend the wind turbine’s operational lifetime. In addition, this includes advice on when it is no longer profitable to keep a wind turbine running, and it would therefore be in your interest to start talking about dismantling the wind turbine.

Windturbs is with you all the way.